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 VCOM is a training agency that equips the church at large to do the ministry laid out in Isaiah 61. God has called His church to be the most catalytic agency of change that the world has ever known. As the effect of sin continues to ravage God’s creation—God and His church still stand as the world’s greatest hope for redemption. VCOM is equipping the church to be effective in seven areas of world crisis, both locally and globally:

  • Spiritual Confusion
  • World Hunger
  • Human Injustice
  • Environmental Decline 
  • Poor Health and Disease
  • Education Inequalities
  • Undeveloped Leadership

VCOM is intentional about intertwining the gospel into every aspect of its education. It is our desire that every participant would obtain a greater love, passion and understanding for the church and the call that God has placed upon it as an agency of justice, compassion, and humility (Micah 6:8) for a world in crisis.  VCOM offers training schools  that target each area of crisis listed above.

VCOM Roots

It all started on a ranch in Southern California back in the early 80’s. As God was forming the beginnings of the Vineyard movement, Tri and Nancy Robinson were working with the Vineyard in Lancaster, California. God gave them a vision of running a ministry training school on a large ranch near their own home about one-hour outside of Los Angeles. Shortly after God spoke, he moved! The ranch owner gave the Robinsons a 20-year lease to his ranch in exchange for upkeep of the grounds.

This ranch was the beginning of what is now Vineyard College of Mission. Over the next seven years, Tri and Nancy trained hundreds of leaders in the Vineyard out on the ranch. It was a place for people to come get away, to be in the presence of God, learning and applying truth to ministry. As the Robinson’s story continued to unfold, the Lord called them to plant a church in Boise Idaho in 1989. As they drove down the dirt road with the ranch in their rear-view mirror, they could only hope that the Lord would carry on and fulfill the vision for VCOM during their adventure to plant the Boise vineyard.  To their delight, that’s just what He did in 2004.

Over the years, the Boise Vineyard continued to see a need for offering training to people who had a heart and passion for the kingdom, as did many other Vineyards throughout the country. This motivated leaders and pastors to try and meet the needs of the Church. In 2004, VCOM was reborn. It started off with one discipleship school, but now VCOM offers four campus training schools and seven online courses with varying degrees of specialized training. The vision of VCOM is to provide training to equip the church to deal with seven areas of world crisis, both locally and globally.

We Serve

For more information about what i-61 is, please watch the following video:

i-61 is a grassroots effort to help churches get involved in areas of local and global crisis.
We provide specialized training
 (VCOM), global partnerships, and media production with
our ultimate goal of seeing local churches everywhere rise up and do the hands-on ministry
of Jesus with the heart of Isaiah 61.